A BV company formation in the Netherlands

24 Oktober 2018

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As soon as we are brought onto this world, our life paths are already established. The biggest percentage of the human population starts by going to school. Quickly after that we are meant to either pursue a university degree or some other sort of professional courses, in order to be qualified for the working field. When that stage of our lives is finished, society expects us to take on one of the many existent jobs and start contributing to bettering the world in which we live in. We accept and pursue jobs to gather experience and grow as individuals. Yet, sometimes, we end up feeling underappreciated, or even worse, we start thinking that we are not good enough for the job. So, what happens when none of the jobs suit your qualifications, or you are not made for any of those jobs? What if your knowledge, dreams and ambitions cannot be reached by working for somebody else’s company, but you know you are able to make it on your own in a country that provides you with great business opportunities? Then, you are already considering the Netherlands for your BV company formation. Apart from being a core EU member state, the Netherlands provides you with the following business benefits:

  • 20% corporate tax, one of the lowest tax rates in Europe
  • 0% VAT for business between EU member states
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • Leading world banks (ING bank, ABN Amro, Rabobank)
  • Excellent international business climate
  • 93% English-speaking natives
  • Netherlands is a logistical hub as a gateway to Europe
  • Qualified personnel
  • Possibility of business immigration
  • Remote formation of a business is possible

Are you now considering starting your own company in the Netherlands, but you are not aware of the legislation and procedures that must be undertaken? The solution is simple: contact Intercompany Solutions for a BV company formation in the Netherlands!

Intercompany Solutions handling your BV company formation

If you are wondering how a BV company formation functions, all you need to do is check intercompanysolutions.com. Intercompany Solutions is focusing on non-resident clients, therefore, the documentation offered and produced is in English, but also in Dutch. With an experience portfolio in over 500 BV company formation cases in the Netherlands, Intercompany Solutions also provides accounting and immigration services. Frequently, setting up a business by yourself is time and energy consuming, frustrating and stressful. By using Intercompany Solutions, you ensure that your BV company formation is completed in maximum three days and, if that is not quick enough for you, an expedited procedure can be used to set-up your firm within one day. Intercompany Solutions provides you with business law experts who conduct a free initial consultation and who guarantee your satisfaction. With a 24-hour response time, Intercompany Solutions has a range of dedicated, professional employees who strive to help and support new entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

The advantages of setting up your own business

Thinking about your BV company formation empowers you to pursue the goals and ambitions only you know you can achieve. You will not have to worry about finding the right job for you as soon as you aware of your own power and capacity of owning your own business. You will no longer have to deal with directors and managers who do not appreciate the quality of your work and the benefits their company receives as a result of your hard labor, nor will you have to feel stuck in a position with no possibility of promotion. Investing now in your BV company formation is the first stepping stone towards the career that you have always dreamt about.

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