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5 Oktober 2016

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Have you ever been to a party where they had firework displays? If so, you know how cool this can be. We are all pretty much used to fireworks during New Year’s Eve, but it is extra special when you have firework displays during another time of the year. It is the way to make a party memorable and a place where everyone wants to be. An occasion many people pick to display a beautiful firework show is at their wedding. When you are celebrating that you just get married to the love of your life, what better way to celebrate it than to have a firework displays made for your wedding day. Our company, Dynamic Fireworks, has years of experience in choreographing firework displays. We know how to make it personal and to get you what you want most. To make sure we can make the firework displays that you are looking for it is important that you tell us what you expect from us, what kind of fireworks you like and how you want it to fit into your wedding day. We have a few different examples on our website you can have a look at.

  • Wedding Royale
  • Whisper Celebration
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Spectacular First Dance
  • Driveway Rain

The videos that we have displayed on our website will give you a great idea of what we can do for you. Keep in mind, however, that every show that we make is completely personal. We rarely work with a set choreography. We want your special day to be unique! We accomplish this by making all our firework displays from scratch. We adjust it to your wishes, but we also take in mind what kind of venue you have chosen for your wedding and if there are any request to keep the noise down to a minimum. At Dynamic Fireworks we will make sure that it happens.

All your questions about the firework displays answered

We can imagine that when you first encounter our firework displays that you have certain questions that you want to ask us. One of the things that people wonder most about is if the venue that they have chosen for their wedding is suitable for our firework displays. Occasionally we encounter venues which make it hard for us to display our fireworks, but so far we have always found a way to do it! Are you having your wedding at home? Then you might be wondering how much space we need for the fireworks. This question is not as simple to answer, because it also depends on what your wishes are for the firework displays that you want at your wedding. But in most cases we can make it work. There are a lot of places where we can fire from. Like the barge, rooftop or the garden. If you want firework displays at your wedding, we will make sure that this happens. Another request that we get a lot is to have the display choreographed to music. Of course this is possible. We think it adds just that extra wow factor that you need, especially for firework displays at your wedding. We can even bring our own PA system for an additional cost. As you can see, we can take care of everything considering the firework displays for you. When you ask us to choreograph a firework show for you, we have a look at the venue of your wedding. With that place in mind and all your wishes on paper, we have what it takes to make the most beautiful and astonishing fireworks displays.

A themed wedding with firework displays

Nowadays you do not just have a wedding. There are so many ways to make this day extra special, that it is hard to resist not to do so. That is why so many people these days opt for a themed wedding. When you search for this online you will find the most outrageous things you can present at your wedding. There have been couples with a Harry Potter themed wedding or what about getting married in the 80’s style? It is all possible. And to make it even better, we can provide you with a specialised firework show that will add to the excitement of your themed wedding. When you contact us about wanting firework displays let us know what you want! We will make sure that we grant your wishes as best as we can. There is only one thing that is more important to use than granting your wishes and that is your safety. All our pyrotechnicians are (senior) firer level and highly trained and experienced with firing fireworks. They will make sure you do not only get the most beautiful firework displays, but in the safest way possible. We have a full risk assessment, site plan and an insurance certificate for all our firework displays. It might be possible that your venue will ask about this. You can reassure them that we have everything under control and taken care of. We can also speak to the venue for you. That way we can tell them how we want to present your show and what we need for this. That way we can come to an arrangement on how to display your show in the best way. Ask us about all the possibilities!

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