The proper use of fireworks

20 Juli 2016

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At the end of December the entire world looks up at the sky. There, thousands of rockets explode, to provide us with one of the most amazing views of the year. Fireworks are wonderful to look at and most people don’t mind lighting a few barrages themselves. However, do make sure you keep in mind the safety of you and the people around you; we all know the dangers that fireworks may hold. Usually, when you buy the products from a proper retailer, things are absolutely fine, but when you decide to buy your stash elsewhere you will have to pay close attention to the quality before you set it off. Fireworks are great and with proper precautions you will have an incredible time. When you know what to do in any given situation you can safely enjoy the spectacle. What are some of the things you have to look out for when buying and using fireworks?

  • Amount you light at once
  • Length of the string
  • Failures

Very important is limiting the amount of products you light at once. Usually you can light just one rocket or mine before you have to retreat to a safe distance. It often happens multiple people light different products too close to each other. When you find yourself in a situation like this, you can first try to light your product, but if this takes too long just let it be and slowly walk away to check out the other products first. When everybody is done, return to your barrage or candle and light it, you have all night, why rush anything? Never try to light an entire row of rockets. Sure, if you succeed it will look shiny, but the situation can quickly get out of control. Also, when you do light a piece of firework, always use some rope and not a lighter. A lighter actually releases a spark, that might set of the product before the string even ignites. A burning piece of rope only ignites the string and is therefore a much safer option. When you are unsure about the way you light a specific product, don’t try anything foolish. Just walk up to someone that can help you safely light the device. It is very important to use fireworks responsibly, so we all can keep enjoying that wonderful tradition. At you buy fireworks of great quality for low prices. The site also offers a wide range of products that allow you to safely light fireworks, including pieces of rope, safety goggles and pipes out of which you can launch rockets easily. With years of experience, this retailer offers the best selection of fireworks. Quality guaranteed!

Lighting fireworks: the length of the string

Crucial to determine whether you can light a piece of firework safely is the length of the string. There are several states in which you can encounter the string. First up, the string could be just fine. When you order from a trusted retailer this is usually the case about 95% of the time. When you find the length of the string to be long enough, yet not too long, you are in a great situation. In some causes however, the string can be relatively short. When this is the case, you have to ask yourself if it is safe to light it. When you have to push your piece of burning rope virtually into the product to light it, things can go south rather quickly. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, makes sure the string is about as long as your thumb! On the other hand, a string should not be too long either. For example: you light a product and retreat to a safe distance. After waiting for 20 or so seconds you believe the product is faulty and you go and check what’s wrong. At that moment the device triggers and you barely have enough time to get out of the way. Usually you want fireworks to ignite pretty quickly when you have reached a safe distance. This always prevents the situation from changing before the product ignites. When you light a fountain on the street for example, there could be a car coming at any moment. Maybe the fountain starts to work right as the car is on top of it and bad things could happen. In short: before you light your fireworks always look at the length of the string. Last but not least: never reignite firework that hasn’t gone off. This is a mistake a lot of small children make and that mistake can have serious consequences. Usually the string is almost entirely burned and the product will explode pretty rapidly. When you encounter a faulty product, deal with it appropriately.

Great quality!

There you have it, a few pointers on how you can properly light fireworks. On you can find a lot more information on how to safely light fireworks and buy some rockets while you’re at it! This site only sells the best quality so that you can be sure you will have a great experience. Don’t forget to buy some of the safety items listed as well. These can be safely stored for many years, so if you get them now you will be able to use them for many years to come. Make sure you end the year with a bang, order today!

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