What to do for company registration Netherlands?

4 August 2020

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Thinking about setting up a company in The Netherlands is one thing, but actually doing it and actually planning to do it, is another. Have you been dreaming of starting up a company in this small, but innovative country for a while already? Then why no realize that dream? Add a little carpe diem to your life and it will suddenly turn out to be quite a bit brighter. There are several reasons of course, why you should go through with the plan of company registration Netherlands, but likely you have already chosen this country. Then, if you finally set up your Dutch business, easy it will certainly not be. There are several things, administrative and else, to take care of. Also, you will have to make a decision about the type of company you want to have. That is why it can be good to call in for help with company registration Netherlands of Intercompany Solutions, who have helped lots to successfully start their own business in the Netherlands. 

Company registration Netherlands: Dutch citizenship

One of the decisions you are going to have to make with company registration Netherlands is whether you will take on Dutch citizenship. If you do want this, there are two ways you can go, depending on where you are from. If you are from a country that is either Switzerland or that is a member of the European Union or the EEA, you are lucky because you will not have to do much aside from getting a BSN. If this is not the case for you however, you should look into residency permits. Two that may be suitable for you are the start-up and the self-employed permits. 

Company registration Netherlands: company structures

Another decision to make with company registration Netherlands is choosing what company structure your business will take on. There’s several available.

  • Most people choose for the private liability company structure with company registration Netherlands. This is also due to the fact that it takes a share capital of merely one euro to start up this type of business. 
  • The public liability company for company registration Netherlands is similar to the private liability company in some ways, but here, it needs a higher minimum share capital, which is of 45.000 euros. Also, the shares will be available for public purchase. 
  • If you start your company with one or more colleagues or fellow entrepreneurs, then it may also be good to look at the general partnership for company registration Netherlands. This type of company is particularly for those with a common goal and who want to have a corporate business under a single name. 
  • If you are a self-employed professional or a freelancer, then a professional partnership could also be interesting for you. However, if you make any debts, they will be held privately accountable, meaning you have private liability. 

So, have you been thinking about starting up a business in The Netherlands? Then you may have a clearer idea about what you would like now. However, since company registration Netherlands is not easy, it could be useful to get some help from an experienced company such as Intercompany Solutions. 

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