Do you want to know more about registering your company in the Netherlands’ company register?

5 April 2020

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Before you register you company at the Dutch Trade Register, it is wise to know a little more about it. The Netherlands’ company register, better known as the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), is the database in which all companies that are based in the Netherlands are registered. The Chamber of Commerce is the extract of from the Dutch Trade Register and officially registers companies and gives them advice and support. The most important task of the Chamber of Commerce is to keep the statutory Trade Register. The Chamber of Commerce is also referred to as ‘the civil registry of the business community’. A company cannot perform legal acts, such as opening a bank account, entering into agreements, etc., without proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce. This article describes the Netherlands’ company register into more detail.

Purpose and activities of the Netherlands’ company register

The Chamber of Commerce helps entrepreneurs to start, innovate and do business at home and abroad. She supports entrepreneurs in their starting and growth ambitions. With the Netherlands’ company register, the Chamber of Commerce performs the official and mandatory legal registration of all companies in the Netherlands. The overall aim of the Chamber of Commerce is to provide safe trade for all. The services and products of the Chamber of Commerce result from its legally required tasks:

  • Managing the Netherlands’ company register;
  • Providing information to entrepreneurs. This includes information about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, (government) information and (digital) products in the legal and economic fields;
  • Providing regional entrepreneurial support, for entrepreneurs with (growth) ambitions on three national themes: Start and takeover, International business and Innovation;
  • Stimulating innovation stimulation;
  • Setting up and managing Entrepreneur squares – both digital and physical.

The overall organization of the Netherlands’ company register

In the Netherlands, the Chamber of Commerce offers its information, services and products for entrepreneurs in a simple, accessible and increasingly digital way. Examples of these are webinars, apps and e-consulting. In this way, almost all entrepreneurs make efficient use of the Chamber of Commerce. As of January 1, 2014, the Chamber of Commerce has approximately 1,500 FTEs for employees. With a nationwide network of 19 offices, the new Chamber of Commerce enables its connection to entrepreneurs in the region and therefore, can respond to their specific needs regarding start-up and business takeover, innovation and international business. The national management allows the Chamber of Commerce to work decisively and efficiently; both nationally and in the five working areas (regions North, Northwest, Southwest, East and South). The shift to greater use of Big Data, including the Netherlands’ company register as a valuable source, must yield more relevant information and data that entrepreneurs can use for their business operations and growth. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the organization. As the ultimately responsible department, their main aspects are supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Board of Directors receives advise on the policy to be pursued from the Central Council and five Regional Councils. These councils consist of twelve representatives of regional employers,employees’ organizations and other members. The Regional Councils advise on regional activities of the organization, the Central Council advises on national priorities and projects. Now you know a little more about the Netherlands company register, the next article focusses on how to register a company at the Chamber of Commerce.

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